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Indoor Insect Killer

  • Alcohol Based Indoor Insect Killer Spray
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    Alcohol Based Indoor Insect Killer Spray

    Alcohol Based Indoor Insect Killer Spray FEATURES: 1 High speed on killing flying and crawling insects; 2 Good smell, high quality perfume to clear bad air; 3 Keep the high efficiency in 3 years; 4Biological teste Specifications: Packing detail: Company Information: Our service: Pre-sale...
  • Mosquito Spray Aerosol Insecticide 300ml--750ml Insect Spray
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    Mosquito Spray Aerosol Insecticide 300ml--750ml Insect Spray

    Fast kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants and other insects, protect you from malaria, dengu and other disease caused by these insects.
  • Bengal Insecticide
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    Bengal Insecticide

    Bengal Insecticide Multi Insect Insect Killer is formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around the household.
  • Anti Pest Spray
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    Anti Pest Spray

    Insectrol - Insect Killer Spray will help you to get rid of household insects. This insecticidal spray kills all fabric moth species, food moth and most other crawling insects within the home.
  • Ant Insecticide
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    Ant Insecticide

    • World renowned manufacturer • Rapid knockdown and kill • Good residual qualities
  • Aerosol Insecticide Spray
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    Aerosol Insecticide Spray

    Home Pest Control Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer*. Controls 60+ different pests. Fast-acting formula – kills Ants and Roaches in seconds. Provides up to 12 months of indoor insect protection1. Effective spot or perimeter treatment. Use indoors or outdoors. Active: 0.05% β-Cyfluthrin
  • Home Defense Indoor Insect Killer
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    Home Defense Indoor Insect Killer

    Home Defense Indoor Insect Killer Quick Details How it works? 1. To kill flying insects: 1. Keep people out first and spray to the center of your room. 2. Walk out and close door for 3 minutes. 3. Open door and windows again, let fresh air in and out for 1-2 minutes. 2. To kill crawling insects:...
  • Insect Killer for Home
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    Insect Killer for Home

    Insect Killer For Home Product Description Packaging: Features Our spray adopt high performance D-tetramethrin and R-d-trans-prallethrin can repellent nad and kill mosquito, fly, cockroach,convince to use,home ,hotel ,hotel and other place all can use Usage .Close window,hold the cans...
  • Mosquito Killer Indoor
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    Mosquito Killer Indoor

    Mosquito Killer Indoor It can spray on surfaces where insects crawl and other possible hiding places such as under sinks, around pipes and drains, baseboards, floorboards, moist places, around refrigerators, stoves, behind bookcases, cabinets and other storage areas.It also keeps on killing for...
  • Mosquito Killer Spray Indoor
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    Mosquito Killer Spray Indoor

    Mosquito Killer Spray Indoor Basic Info: · Type: Insecticide · Physical Form: Liquid · Appearance: Spray · Brand Name: KONNOR · Place of Origin: Guangdong · Authentication: ISO,SGS, MSDS · Business Type: Manufacture · Transport Package: 24 Bottles Per Carton · Origin: Guangdong · Pest...
  • Indoor Insect Killer Spray
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    Indoor Insect Killer Spray

    Indoor Insect Killer Spray Oil based Indoor insect killer spray a product of our household care products, which has been specially formulated to be the most efficient, ruthless and deadly killer of all types of crawling and flying insects such as bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes,...
  • Indoor Insecticide Spray
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    Indoor Insecticide Spray

    Indoor Insecticide Spray Product specifications: 1. Function:Powerful insecticides aerosol: easily kill mosquitoes, gnats, flies, cockroaches, Asian lady beetles, ants,etc 2. Sizes: 300ml, 400ml, 600ml, 750ml (as per customer’s requirement) 3. Fragrances: Lemon, rose, jasmine, lavender, orange,...
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